About Us

Dear our esteemed customers,

We are, Viet Ocean Transport Int’l Co.,LTD is one of the well-known international system who specialize in NVOCC services and multi-transportation for both LCL and FCL & Air Express having experience in international market.

At the beginning time, Viet Ocean had mainly concentrated on its strength such as handling customs clearance, transportation and distribution for many import-export companies in Europe, Asia and America Area. Meanwhiles, Viet Ocean also developed strongly the international network offices. Presently, Viet Ocean has many agents all over the world which make us full capacity to connect your cargoes from any port to more than 2000 destinations in the world.

Nowadays, Viet Ocean had penetrated into the Vietnam market through a local partner and took care of all the handling, operation for import-export shipments of Enterpises in Vietnam to Europe, Asia, and America market. Finally, Viet Ocean specialized in providing the below services:

  • § Consolidation
  • § Logistics
  • §  FCL/LCL International Multi-transpotation for Air/Ocean Import & Export.
  • § Warehousing, packing and distributing services
  • § Project cargoes handling

We are offering the Supply Chains Management Service to the major customers: Duy Tan Plastic, Vifood, Tropical, Petrolimex… with the main commodities such as garment, textile, sport wears, machinery and spare parts, etc ..

With the slogan “ …always beside you…”, our whole staffs have been trained for the sense of improvement of our working skills, knowledge and abilities day by day, for the purpose that we are all able to serve the customers

Thank you for your support to our company.

Viet Ocean Transport Int’l Co.,LTD


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